Transistor Chicago

In the three months that I have been away from Chicago, a lot has changed. An antique shop I used to like has moved away from Broadway, a turkish coffee place I went once seems perennially closed but it isn’t so bad since Transistor Chicago moved from Lincoln Park to my neighbourhood on Broadway. It’s a nice little basement shop/gallery/events space that has lots of music collectibles and random quirky things that are fun to have–books, coasters, prints from local artists. They also do film screenings and music gigs. The owner is friendly and I am considering watching the film screening of ‘ Poster Boys’ on the 19th October. If you love wandering into little shops and discovering something totally unexpected yet fun, this is the place you should go to while you are in Chicago. Here are a few photos of Transistor Chicago that I took on my visit there.



Here is the address if you’d like to visit: 3441 N Broadway  Chicago, IL 60657

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