A moment of awesome

This is the first ever photo that I took using my little 35mm film camera, Diana Mini. The last time I ever used a film camera was when I was 10; we had the disposable Fuji Film cameras (thanks to dad)  that we’d carry around everywhere. I hardly remember seeing any developed photos except for a couple. So, keeping that in mind I wasn’t really expecting my lomography experiment to turn out this well.

But this photo speaks for itself. It has perfectly captured the moment just as I saw/experienced it. The ripple in the otherwise still pond, the colour of the about-to bloom lotuses against the green of the surroundings. As I look at the photo a little longer, the sounds of birds and insects begin  to reverberate in my ears and I am transported  back to that early morning in Goa where I experienced this moment of awesome just in time to capture it.


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