Of haircut & thrift-shopping

I went to Andersonville today. It is this quiet and interesting little neighborhood in the north of downtown Chicago lined with a bunch of quirky independent shops, eateries and cafes. I would call it the Wicker Park of north–mellow, mature and a little less pretentious. My prime occupation was to get a haircut at Sine Qua Non, rather undo the wrong done by a previous hairstylist ha. Anyway, so the hairstyle turned out okay, not exactly what I wanted but I am hopeful it will get there in a couple of months.

That’s me hairstyle. I am currently with obsessed with all things black and white & grayscale.

I decided to wander a bit before heading back home. My next stop was a quick tea at the Kopi A Traveler’s Cafe–a warm, travel themed cafe with objects from various cultures that form a part of the decor. They also have a shop at the back of the cafe with trinkets, clothes, jewellery–overpriced and mostly from India. Being an Indian, I would recommend a trip to India instead, ha. I like the place for its ambience, their delicious black bean burger and a nice cup of the tea.

Welcome to the Traveler’s Cafe
Traveler's Cafe
And they have barrels!

In hindsight I should have packed a burger to eat now that I am feeling hungry thinking about it,meh! Anyway, moving on, the best part was walking into the Brown Elephant–a thrift shop. It’s located in an old building that used to be a theatre or a church (maybe).  It has these scraped walls and arches that make it look absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t seen a lovelier thrift shop!

Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant

They have a lot of stuff in there–some really nice vintage framed paintings and furniture. Lots of interesting pots, pans and china. After having my fill at looking through things, I wandered to the books section (they have many, many Penguins and cookbooks there!)  and discovered three beautiful notebooks for 4 dollars each, woot!

photo 2-4

photo 1-2

Before I paid my bill, I took one more look at this beautiful place and headed out with a happy face. An afternoon well spent, I would say. How did you spend your afternoon?

The photos are shot using my IPhone and I have played with them with some apps and editing options.

If you’d like to visit Brown Elephant– it is located on  5404 N Clark St, and you could  stop by at the Traveler’s Cafe before you go thrift-shoppingit is located on 5317 N Clark St. 


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