Paris vs New York

Here is a fun unadulterated visual tribute to the culture of Paris and New York–two of the coolest cities of the world by the artist, Vahram Muratyan.  These illustrations are unique because they represent the culture that defines them from the viewpoint of an observer. It is a celebration of  dissimilarities that lends each city its unique vibe.





233516_11625477_lz PvsNY©CNN_thehands-1 PvsNY©CNN_thesnow PvsNY©CNN_themeeting PvsNY©CNN_therun PvsNY©CNN_theromantic PvsNY©CNN_thebeat PvsNY©CNN_thefashion PvsNY©CNN_thecraze PvsNY©CNN_thehands PvsNY©CNN_thestylist PvsNY©CNN_thelook PvsNY©CNN_thedesire PvsNY©CNN_thebeard PvsNY©CNN_thedrink PvsNY©CNN_theseasoning PvsNY©CNN_themood PvsNY©CNN_thefacade


While I love both these cities, I am certainly partial towards Paris for more than just Amelie, macarons and Isabel Marant–its cool effortless vibe.  Which city do you prefer?

Featured above are the images from the boxed postcards set that is available here. These are also available as prints here.  If you prefer the book to the postcards or the prints, you can find it here and if you’d like to know more about the artist who made these beauties, you should go here. 


*The images are taken from Vahram Muratyan’s website

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