A bird’s eye view


There is sunshine, flowers and birds everywhere I go these days. I am a huge fan of little colourful birds that usually make their appearance ever so fleetingly and before you know it, they disappear in thin air. Not only do they sport gorgeous colours on their necks and backs, they also have the ability to escape whenever they want to, a luxury that us lesser mortals cannot afford.

I love the quirk and restlessness that birds exude and here’s a little collection of my favourite bird-prints in different forms to celebrate just that.

For times when you are feeling blue or not :)
Send a bird with a little note to someone.
I am in love with Johanna Burai’s bird prints.
Interesting little gift tags for bird lovers.
And one for vintage lovers too!
Okay, these three are for the nocturnal in you.
Black & white bird cards.
These earrings!
And these too!
Coin purses
Birds by Jeffery Fisher : An illustrated and whimsical collection that will be a treasured complement to any birder’s library
Jeffery Fisher’s Birds : Taken from his website
To See Every Bird On Earth by Dan Koeppel.
And last but not the least from my favourite bird : The Penguin Dodo Case for Ipad–coming soon!


*All  images are linked to the source. 

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