Chicago // A walk to the Lakeshore

My home is a stone’s throw away from the Belmont harbor which makes the Lakeshore a part of my everyday. it is true that when something that was once desirable becomes a part of everyday, it gets taken for granted.

AshaVaidyanath-abrimfulofashaWell, truth be told, I am guilty as charged but when my father came visiting, we spent a lot of time there walking, talking and really just having a great time. 

Last evening my father, I , and my partner in crime, p, went for an evening stroll to the Lakeshore.

The walk from Belmont Harbor to Lakeshore is a lovely one. I am always awed by the short walk through the subway that has the uncanny ability to transport me away from the city life to the calm and beauty of the harbor that I share with runners, cyclists and gorgeous furry friends. 


The path curves and on the corner is a dog beach where I can spend hours looking at dogs swimming, playing catch and running around other dogs. It’s pure joy to watch different sizes and shapes of the furry animals having a good time with each other. 


 The Harbor is never complete without sail boats and yachts that line up and make up for a beautiful picture like this one. 

photo-217Walking through the park to the Lakeshore, I discovered this really intricate looking flower before its bloom when the petals upturn. I prefer them like this because they look so delicate and beautiful. 

AshaVaidyanath-abrimfulofashaWe even spotted a few fireflies in the darker areas of the park before we walked onto the Lakeshore

Blue, beautiful and breathtaking is how I’d describe it. 


The white of the sail boats stood against the blue and made for a not to be missed sight and picture! 


As we walked along the Lake, I couldn’t help but notice this seagull, sitting pretty and lost in thoughts.


On the edge of the Lakeshore, the path curved and presented the glorious view of the Chicago Skyline. It is especially beautiful in the evening, when the buildings are lit up against the evening sky. My IPhone certainly did not do justice to the view, so you have to come here and see for yourself. But in the meantime, here it is anyway.


The walks with my father and this particular one with all the three of us made me realise how close I am to the thing I love the most–water and I should’t take it for granted! On that note, here’s a photo of me walking backwards on the Lakeshore, courtesy of p.



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