About Indian Design

I love Prashant Miranda’s illustrations. You can view more of his work on indipool.com

I am excited to share with you my newest project– INDIPOOL.COM, your window to the beautiful world of contemporary Indian Design.

It all started with my love for design, a beautiful print magazine by the same name, and a desire to make contemporary Indian Design and designers more accessible globally. The fortunate part of all this was the man who published the print magazine happens to be a friend. I called him up on a random weekday and arm-twisted him (just kidding) into translating the print magazine online in an interactive way. As luck would have it , he had been thinking similar thoughts! It was a go from there on and after many months of discussing and streamlining of thoughts, ideas and content, I present to you version 1.0 of INDIPOOL.COM – here and launched!

It is always going to be work-in-progress because there is always something to learn, change, improve on an everyday basis as I create and curate varied content on the website. I am hopeful it will evolve as we go, and through the support of the readers.

I feel fortunate and am thankful for the people in my life who enable me to do all the things I want to. POOL is one of those things. I hope you will enjoy this ever-evolving beautiful world of Indian Design. 


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